Ever Endless Online Wiki

Ever Endless Online sometimes referred to as EvE is a 2.5D isometric Retro RPG private server based on the early 2000s hit MMORPG Endless Online developed and published originally by Vult-r studios, first released November 24th 2004 and was one of the first launcher games of it’s time.

Ever Endless Online was re-released and developed by Lead Developer Athena, Programmer Maiku, and Map Developer and Artist Cactus, and Artist Errors of (Project Athena) on September 11th, 2020.

EvE takes place in the world of Ever, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different cities, cultures, and ruled by the reclusive Windar Royal Family. Players can travel throughout Ever via a couple of different methods including on foot, by using a teleportation scroll, or taking a ship. Each unique area offers a variety of different monsters, crafting ingredients, and quests to challenge players.

Players are represented in the game through customizable 2.5D avatars. Ever Endless Online does not follow a linear storyline; instead it allows players to fully explore the world and create their own mark on it, setting their own goals or objectives. Players can choose to fight against non-player characters (NPC) monsters, complete various Story, Daily, Adventure, or Repeatable quests, or increase their experience through crafting a variety of items. Players can interact with one and other through several means such as; Socializing, Trading, participating in Dungeons, or fighting Field Bosses. EvE offers a large variety of both solo and group content for players to enjoy.


Players begin their journey in a secluded area within a ships cabin, where they are given access to the basics of game play and must select a Class before they can set forth. After leaving the tutorial area, players will be given access to several quests and a friendly Non-Player Character (NPC) to help them begin their journey in Ever.

Players can set their own goals or objectives as they play the game. Whether that’s defeating monsters, exploring, crafting unique armors and weapons, collecting rare items, or creating/joining a guild.


Ever Endless Online has a semi reactive combat system with neutral and aggressive non-player character (NPC) monsters that is based around the traditional class system of Role Playing Games (RPG), allowing both solo and group game play to feel fluid. Combat is an important aspect of the game, allowing players to defeat monsters to obtain dropped items or complete quests. A players level is a means of determining how powerful a player is in combat.

Players engage in combat by auto attacking by holding (CTRL) or striking enemies with Magic from a distance through the use of the F1-12 Keys and mouse.

Combat is divided into three main categories and changes in a variety of ways depending on what Class a player chooses.


Ever Endless Online follows a structured class system revolving around the traditional Role Playing Game (RPG) trope of Tank/Healer/Damage providing a unique depth of gameplay for the player. When players choose a class they gain access to a variety of class specific skills that allows for a sense of individuality between classes.


Quests are a series of tasks that are either story driven or repeatable. These often have various requirements including traveling throughout the world, speaking to multiple people, collecting resources, or vanquishing monsters. Players receive various rewards for completion of quests, including money, unique items, access to new areas, or experience points. Some quests will require players to form a party and work together, and many require players to engage in various levels of difficult combat. Quests are grouped into several categories and their rewards variety is dependent on the type of quest.


A forum is provided by Project Athena on their official EvE Discord Server. On the forum, players are able to participate in game discussions, arrange to buy or sell items, provide suggestions for game improvements, participate in exclusive community events, talk to the developers directly, and report in game bugs. A user can set an avatar and have a unique display name.

Rules and Cheating

Project Athena has employed rules for player conduct, such as rules against Spam, Racism, Adult conversation (NSFW), Botting, and Bug Abuse. To enforce these rules, an in-game feature exists that allows players to send a report directly to Project Athena staff if they notice another player breaking a rule.


Resource guides is a dedicated source for relevant gameplay information that covers a large scope of elements within the game of Ever Endless Online such as; Classes, Questing, and Crafting.

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