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After creating your character, you will appear in the starting area and notice several Non-Player Characters (NPC). To begin your journey, you will need to select and talk to the [Captain].


Next you will need to select your class. There are 6 beginner classes you can specialize into on the world of Ever. If you've selected the Magician class make sure to speak to Titania[2] to learn your beginner spell or Duke[2] if you've selected the Cleric class before leaving the ship's cabin.


After exiting the cabin you'll find yourself on the deck of a ship moored on the shores of Ever. There you will find two (NPC) who can you talk too. Speak to the Sailor[1] for more information or if you have played before you can skip this by talking to Guard Fredrick[2].


After you have selected and spoken to Guard Fredrick[2] Select the upper right hand corner as shown here; this will allow you to switch between multiple quests tied to a single (NPC) then select the quest [Choose your class]. This will pull up that quest as the active quest for this (NPC) so you can complete it and receive some Experience Points (EXP). After you have turned in [Choose your class] speak with Guard Fredrick[2] again to resume your previous quest.


After you've finished speaking with Guard Fredrick[2], you should notice another (NPC) standing below a light post. If you mouse over the (NPC) and speak with the Collector he will offer you the quest [Goat Business]. The Collector will offer you some Experience Points (EXP) in return for collecting 4 {Goat Horns} for him. Now get out there and slay those Goats!


Don't forget to check vegetable crates and wells; sometimes you can find various foods or small potions to restore some of your health points (HP) instantly.

After you have completed and turned in the quest [Goat Business] you should be Level 1. Each time you level up you will gain (5) free stat points that you can spend on your character to affect their growth. Now you will want to add these to your character sheet as shown in the bottom left corner.

Based on your beginning class you will want to spend these points differently.

For example, as a Warrior you'll want to spend your points on Strength (STR) or Constitution (CON) depending on if you want to do more damage or have more defense. Though each class grows differently and you can check out each classes growth under the Class Section. After you have finished with spending your stat points head west to the next map.


Speak with the (NPC) Nathan to pick up the quest [Piglet Trouble]. He will ask you to slay some piggies. Head west until you arrive at a large pen full of Piglet's slay 10 and return to Nathan to claim your reward.

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