When doing quests you can click on the Q in the corner to view your active quests and quest progression.


After turning in [Piglet Trouble] to Nathan, head north onto the next map until you find an (NPC) named Cindy. Speak to her to pick up her quest [Cindy's Request].


After you have spoken to Cindy she'll ask you to go deliver some bread to her husband so head east.


Grab the quest from Old Farmer Jerzy, he will ask you collect 5 wool, so go ahead and do that now or keep heading south. There you will find Cindy's house located on this map to speak with her husband Jorge inside.

Don't forget you can click the upper right hand corner to alternate between quests if multiple are involving the same (NPC).


Once you've entered the house with Jorge, You have the option to change the quest dialogue to go back and speak to Cindy or help Jorge with his quest.

If you stay to help Jorge with his quest, kill the rat on this map, and re-speak to him, he will ask you to kill rats in his basement, you need to kill all the rats in one go, so make sure you have high hp, or some pots/carrots on you.


After you've completed [Rat Problems] with Jorge return to Cindy, she will ask you to head south to ask her friend John for some assistance with her troubles. Now head back to the pig farm where we helped Nathan "take care of his piglet problem" enter the house and you'll find John talk to him to receive his quest.

Clicking the top right will let you switch quests between [Cindy's Request] and [John's Pig Dilemma].

Now we have two choices you can take on John's personal request or head back to Cindy to give her the bad news and collect your reward.

If you opt to take on John's quest head south until you see a cave with two foxes guarding the entrance, slay them and return to John for some additional instructions.

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