Player Commands

#help - Displays a list of all commands a player can use.


#lookup <item/spell name> - Displays a list of any items and/or spells that contain the text used after the command. For example, "#lookup Fire" will show all spells and items that contain the word "Fire".


<str/int/wis/agi/con/cha> <number> - Adds the specified number into the specified stat.

For example, "#add str 5" will add 5 stat points into your strength stat.


<str/int/wis/agi/con/cha> <number> - Removes the specified number from the specified stat.

For example, "#removes str 5" will remove 5 stat points from your strength stat.

#preview <Item Name>

Previews the specified item. Only works at the Aeven Tailor. (command is currently under construction)

#join <Insert Player Name>

Allows you to request to join another players party regardless of distance.

#invite <Insert Player Name>

Allows you to request another player to join your party regardless of distance.


Allows you to preview the items stored in your bank locker, however you can't withdraw them.


Will bring up the basic information on how to distribute your STAT points by class

#player <Insert Player Name>

Allows you to bring up a basic stat sheet of any player who is currently online

#npc <Insert NPC Name>

Allows you to view the HP, EXP, stats, and drop table of any NPC in the game data base.

#item <Insert Item Name>

Allows you to view the stats on items as well as the ingredients required to craft or if there is an NPC that drops it.

#spell <Insert Spell Name>

This allows you to view the capabilities as well as the requirement for a spell without going to the Skill Trainers.

#dress <Insert Item Name>


Items Transmogged or Overlaid will be displayed even if you unequip all of your equipment unless you disable the Overlay.

Also the item must either be in your Inventory or Bank, if you loan, sell, or give away an item you have transmogged it will remove the transmog.

  1. Hat 1000G
  2. Armor 4000G
  3. Boots 500G
  4. Weapon 2500G
  5. Shield 2000G
  6. Charm 1000G (Cosmetic Skins)

#Undress (Hat, Armor, Weapon, Boots, Shield)

Removes the transmog entirely and you WILL have to pay again to add the same cosmetic appearance.

#cosmetic <On or Off>

Allows you to toggle off and on your existing cosmetic appearance at no cost.

#hide <Shield or Hat>

Allows you to remove the appearance of wearing an Off Hand or Helmet/Hat (This will reappear when you log back into the game)

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