STATS[edit | edit source]

These are the basis of your character progression when both leveling up and selecting equipment.

  • DEX – 5 Points of Dexterity = 1 Damage
  • AGI – 8 Points of Agility = 1 Defense
  • Attack Range: 1
  • Role: Melee Fighter

SKILLS[edit | edit source]

Level 8

  • Guile - Sharpening your senses to a near predatory level you become more agile and deadly and increase your DEX by 4 and AGI by 6 for 60 seconds

Level 10

  • Blind – Throwing sand at your enemy you cause a temporary state of Blindness reducing their ACC by 3 for 60 seconds.

Level 18

  • Guile II – Through further training you've learned how to truly rely on your body and as such you are capable of more then should be humanly possible as such your DEX by 8 and AGI by 9 for 60 seconds

Level 26

  • Guile III – You have mastered the art of moving your body, your flexibility is nearly unequaled and such your guile is unequaled by focusing you increase your DEX by 20 and AGI by 22 for 60 seconds
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