STATS[edit | edit source]

These are the basis of your character progression when both leveling up and selecting equipment.

  • STR – 4 Points of Strength = 1 Damage
  • CON – 7 Points of Constitution = 1 Defense
  • Attack Range: 1
  • Role: Melee Fighter

SKILLS[edit | edit source]

Level 4

  • Enrage - Battle crazed the warrior draws on their inner strength to bolster their STR by 8

Level 10

  • Crushing Blow – Vested in the art of war you achieve new heights drawing on your body’s natural energy to deliver a blow at a distance weakening your adversaries defenses. (Reduces one advisories damage by 2-2)

Level 18

  • Enrage II – Growing in might as well as a stronger thirst for battle your body has achieved new heights of power as such your capability to augment your natural strength increases in turn bolstering your STR by 16

Level 26

  • Enrage III – Your thirst for battle and blood knows no bounds, you have become battle crazed and your might reflects that increasing your STR by 22

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